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About Us

Kingstree Church is a family of believers who have been saved by God's grace through the good news of Jesus Christ. We have a desire to make His greatness known in Winston-Salem and to the ends of the world. We're excited to share more about our church with you below:

Our Purpose:

We exist to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to love God, love others and make disciples.

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What We're Devoted To

To grow in loving God, loving others, and making disciples for God's glory, we devote ourselves to the following ordinary things that God blesses in extraordinary ways.



We gather together to worship God.

  •  Church Membership - An essential part of gathering with the body of Christ is committing to a local church.

  • Sunday Worship - A church is an "assembly." Therefore, we meet regularly to sing God's praises, offer our prayers, and hear His word preached.

  • Members Meetings - Another area in which we "gather" is in our Members Meetings. This is a family time of celebrating what God is doing in our church.


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We grow together in meaningful relationships.

  •  Personal Discipling Relationships - Being a part of a church is more than just gathering once a week. Much of our growth will happen in personal discipling relationships throughout the week.

  • Community Groups - We will be launching our first two Community Groups in the Fall 2021. This will be a great time to form meaningful relationships as we come together in homes for food, fellowship, prayer, and sermon discussion.


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We go together on mission.

  •  Serving  - One way to be on mission is by serving in the church using your gifts.

  • Generosity - Our generosity helps fuel the mission. By being generous with our time, talents, and treasures, we are directly supporting the gospel ministry of the church.

  • Evangelism - Jesus told His followers that we would receive power from the Holy Spirit to be His witness (Acts 1:8). Therefore, we have a desire to practice personal and corporate evangelism by proclaiming the gospel with both our lives and lips.

  • Multiplication - God deserves to be worshipped by people everywhere! Therefore, we want to multiply by planting and revitalizing churches among every tribe, tongue and nation.