Our Beliefs

As God's redeemed people, God has become our greatest treasure. Christ is no longer a stumbling block and foolishness to us, but the wisdom and power of God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has now become beautiful to us! We now lay aside our own plans and ideas as we submit ourselves to God's word and God's ways. It is no longer we who direct our lives, but God who leads. Therefore, in everything we do, we are governed by the word of God.

In light of this, we have established three biblically-derived directives that serve as a guide for how we are to live life together as God's people. These directives are our:

Combined, these three documents summarize the biblical doctrines that direct and mold the way we function as Kingstree Church.

Additionally, as a church that happily cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention, we hold to The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.