Indoor Gatherings Update

Kingstree Church Family,


This Sunday, June 14, we are transitioning back indoors for our gathered worship services. In preparation for this transition, we have established the following guidelines. These have been drafted for the purpose of cultivating a safe and loving environment while returning to indoor gatherings. As of now, these guidelines will be active during Phase 2 in North Carolina, which is currently scheduled to end on June 26. Please note that this is not an attempt to endorse any particular political or medical stance. This is an attempt to love one another by humbly looking out for not only our interests, but the interests of others (Philippians 2:4). We recognize that people have differing opinions on these issues and that not everyone’s personal preference will be perfectly met. However, our goal in this transition is to honor and love one another in such a way that all are, in general, comfortable to come together and worship our Lord and Savior.


  1. While our indoor services will be at the normal time (10:30 AM), our Equip Classes will continue to be temporarily suspended.

  2. On June 14, parking will be available along the front of the building as well as the furthest row of spaces next to the grass in the big parking lot. These locations will be marked for your convenience. This will allow us to not interfere with Konnoak’s drive-in service. On June 21, the entire parking lot should be available for our joint service.

  3. The entrance will be the same as usual - through the doors into the educational building under the walkway.

  4. During Phase 2, all downstairs rooms and amenities will be closed. This includes the downstairs restrooms, the nursery, and the coffee lounge.

  5. The restrooms immediately upstairs will be open. We do ask that restrooms be limited to only 2 people at a time.

  6. All water fountains will be bagged off and should not be used.

  7. To get to our gathered worship service, all should use the first staircase upon entering the building. When upstairs, our room will be at the end of the hallway. It is the last room on the left.

  8. We kindly request that attendees wear face-masks while inside the building. We understand that there are various opinions on the use of face-masks. However, we believe wearing face-masks is a way to show love and kindness towards those who currently feel unsafe being indoors with large groups of people. For visitors of our church and those who are more vulnerable, we think this will help show love, hospitality and care. We want the most vulnerable in our midst to feel welcome and able to worship together. Those with legitimate health/safety reasons for not wearing face masks should not feel forced to do so. Additionally, all who do not have their own face mask can receive a disposable mask before entering the building.

  9. After the service, we still encourage conversations and fellowship. However, we kindly ask that this take place outdoors. The breezeway, parking lot, and playground/backyard will all be available for this very reason.


It’s important to note that the leaders of Kingstree Church will not be treating members and visitors as though they are incapable of making their own decisions. We will not be rebuking one another and reprimanding people on these lines. There has been enough pressure on everyone already. When together as a church, it’s time to be loved and feel like we are part of a family. These guidelines are meant to be thoughtful and loving directives during Phase 2, considering both the desire to come together as well as the desire for all people to feel welcome and safe. These guidelines should not be used as a way to cause division, but an opportunity for us to all display love. Some may think more should be done. Some may think less should be done. At the very least, we pray these guidelines can present a loving and helpful compromise for all to come together and worship God.


In Christ,

The Pastors of Kingstree Church