Church Membership

As God's people, one of the foundational benefits we have in Christ is our adoption as sons and daughters into God's family. As such, we encourage all followers of Jesus to be committed to a local church that faithfully believes and teaches the Bible. If you wish to be a part of our family at Kingstree Church, we have a membership process in place. During this process, we encourage prospective members to gather with us on Sunday mornings so we can mutually get to know one another. Please take a moment to read our church membership process below.

1. Membership Matters Class. If you are interested in joining Kingstree Church, we ask that you sign up for our Membership Matters Class. This class is held at scheduled times throughout the year and is taught by one of our pastors. In short, this class covers what we believe and how we seek to live faithful lives as church members. You can sign up for this class by asking one of the pastors before/after a service, emailing us your intentions, or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Membership Interview. After completing the Membership Matters Class, the next step is to schedule a Membership Interview with our pastors. This is more of a conversation in which you have a chance to share how you became a Christian and have an opportunity to ask questions about the church. We pray these Membership Interviews give people a chance to get to know the leadership of the church as well as identify ways our pastors can care for those wanting to join. Because we require all members to affirm our Statement of Faith and Church Covenant, this interview will conclude with an opportunity to sign both documents.

3. Church Affirmation. The final step of the membership process is church affirmation. During one of our monthly Members' Meetings, the members of Kingstree will be presented with the opportunity to receive new members into the church. This will be followed by a reading of our church covenant as an expression of commitment to love and care for all new members.

Membership Matters Class:
September 5 & 12 (3:00 PM - 4:30 PM)

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